One of the most exciting young vocal bands on today’s musical landscape is Brandon Camphor & OneWay, a dynamic East Coast group that stylistically dances along the divide separating Christian pop and urban gospel music to create its own unique hybrid that’s earning them fans and followers from across the globe.

Raised in a church-going family in the Washington, D.C. area, the enterprising singer/ songwriter Brandon Camphor cut a five-song EP To The One in 2005 while still in college. However, he had a strong desire to launch a vocal group that would create a fusion of urban and pop flavored music that also unabashedly celebrated the group’s Christian faith. “We boldly proclaim that we are the generation who can change the world,” says Camphor. “Our mission is to be an example of righteous living to this generation.”

On that note, OneWay was born in 2007 as Camphor recruited singers Angela Jones, Julia McMillan, and Fred Cleveland; and musicians Joshua Davies, Jerome Baylor and Larry Mack. It was also that year that Camphor ignited The Encounter, a late night alternative to clubbing in the Washington, D.C. area, where young adults of all cultures convened for a festive night of fellowship and Bible-based ministry. The Encounter has since impacted thousands of young adults throughout the area and provided a platform to introduce OneWay to young audiences up and down the East coast.
OneWay’s debut CD Regeneration hit in the fall of 2009. With shades of rock and funk, the inspiring songs of faith and worship included fan favorites “It’s Possible (Gotta Have Faith)” and “Bless the Lord.” The closing song “One Way” explained the group’s name and mission. “One way to live the life,” they sing. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah! I’m gonna live for Christ. He’s the way, the truth, the life.” They continued to make inroads by performing at Christian festivals and by winning The Most Powerful Voices Competition presented by Music World Gospel and The Gospel Music Channel in 2011. They sang on the nationally televised Power Awards and were featured on the Most Powerful Voices Compilation Vol. 1 CD that boasted Kim Burrell and Trinitee 5:7, among others.

As a follow-up to its Top 30 springtime hit “You Are God,” Brandon Camphor & One Way is back at it with an inspiring all-year round contemporary anthem entitled,  “I Choose You.”

“I Choose You” (3:06) is a warm and airy affirmation of faith in God recorded against an urban-friendly musical backdrop with Brandon’s smooth tenor telling the compelling story as the group’s thick harmonies echo his earnest sentiments.

It’s just the type of song to capture young listeners with its bright urban flavor but it also possesses just enough of an old school soul essence to attract more mature listeners as well. This unique quartet is ushering in a fresh new and welcome sound to the gospel airways. It’s the past, the present and it’s the future.

“I Choose You” will resonate with every segment of your audience so make the choice today to choose “I Choose You” and put it into rotation at your station today.